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WALESCH Electronic GmbH
Gestenrietstrasse 2
CH-8307 Effretikon, Switzerland
Phone +41 52 343 80 80
Mail: rmul A und T dzovhxs+PUNKT+xs

Walesch Electronic GmbH - Vibration Measuring Instrumentation


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WALESCH Electronic GmbH
Gestenrietstrasse 2
CH 8307 Effretikon
+41 52 343 80 80
rmul A und T dzovhxs+PUNKT+xs


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About Walesch Electronic GmbH

Walesch Electronic GmbH is a Swiss-based company with many years of experience in the field of vibration measuring instruments (since 1985) and in the field of radiography densitometry.

The company makes a range of analogue and digital VIBRAS models which are most suitable for measuring vibration originating from blasting, pile driving and traffic. These VIBRAS modular built instruments are constructed on an open architecture computer concept which provides the facility of accommodating future technological developments.



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WALESCH Electronic GmbH
Gestenrietstrasse 2
CH 8307 Effretikon
+41 52 343 80 80
rmul A und T dzovhxs+PUNKT+xs
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