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WALESCH Electronic GmbH
Gestenrietstrasse 2
CH-8307 Effretikon, Switzerland
Phone +41 52 343 80 80
FAX: +41 52 343 15 00
Mail: rmul A und T dzovhxs+PUNKT+xs

Walesch Electronic GmbH - Vibration Measuring Instrumentation


Evaluation instrument VIBRAS 7003 ME

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  • VIBRAS 7003 ME


Evaluation instrument VIBRAS 7003

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  • VIBRAS 7003

MST 7003

Digital tri-axis sensor for velocity measurement.

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  • MST 7003


Remote control, data transfers and alarming for VIBRAS® System over mobile network or ethernet

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  • VibConnect

WT 7003 Radio Modem

Radio modem for data transmission between MST3004/MST7003 sensors and the VIBRAS evaluation instrument using telemetry

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  • WT 7003 Radio Modem

PWR WT 3004

Power supply unit suitable to WT 7003

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  • PWR WT 3004

Alarm 3004

A modular alarm system for the VIBRAS® system

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  • Alarm 3004 Web Monitoring Solution

Webbased dataplatform

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  • Web Monitoring Solution


PC Based Visualisation/Analysis Software

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  • VibChart


Represents the results of a series of measurements as a table or a graphic

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  • VibPbfList


PC based visualisation/analysis of long term data

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  • VibLongPeak


VibModem for the remote control and data transfer.

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  • VibModem

MST 1031

Analog tri-axial velocity sensor with built-in amplifier.

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  • MST 1031
WALESCH Electronic GmbH
Gestenrietstrasse 2
CH 8307 Effretikon
+41 52 343 80 80
rmul A und T dzovhxs+PUNKT+xs
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